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Hi I'm using this command to add a new domain in kloxo
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sh /script/add --client=admin --class=domain --name=domain.com --v-dnstemplate_name=default.dnstand it works find but I need to specify the document root, I know the document root's default value is the same as  "--name=domain.com" but I need to specify it myself
is there a parameter for doing so ? and thanks in advance.

The command sh /script/simplelist throws this error
/script/simplelist: line 3: 44863 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) lxphp.exe ../bin/common/commandline.php --action=simplelist "$@"
I wanted to know the resource types and parameters and try understand the add command to add a sub domain using php

I can't find the Kloxo API anywhere and the link http://wiki.lxcenter.org/API is no longer available
where can I find the API ?

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