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Forum Announcements / DIGITAL MARKETING IN 2020
« on: 2020-06-21, 18:55:58 »

It’s a ‘smart phone’ time now everyone uses smart phones. In old time people used TV, Radio, magazines or newspaper for entertainments or advertising. In India almost all people use internet and increases the use of internet. Irrespective the age all kind of people are included here kids, adult, senior citizens so that’s why offline market becomes gauntness.
Digital Marketing is done by computer, internet or any other electronic device. With the help of digital marketing any company can earn lots of profit in a very short period. They can provide their products to their customer at anytime & anywhere. If any company is going to launch their new products in market, they have to advertise first and internet plays vital role for advertising product. https://www.micropediaglobal.com/
Now a days in India most of people used internet likes to do online shopping. We need change increasing internet usage and thereby boosting online business even further.
I think this is the plus point for those traders who wants to do their business with digital marketing and the answer is ‘Yes’ digital marketing is requires for business. Marketing means stay connected with customer-at any time, right time with a desire product which customer wants.       https://www.micropediaglobal.com/website-development
Any small or big company use internet for marketing as company can use banners, posters for advertise their products.
Online market or offline market their motive is the same to reach their customer and fulfill their demands. In offline market the seller has to pay lots of money for their product advertisement and it also time-consuming process.
But in online it reduces time and cost also. In very short time seller can advertise their product in very attractive way. Digital marketing helps company to reach more people, more customer. in offline marketing customer need more time for shopping but in Digital marketing customer can do shopping at anytime and anywhere with less time. Digital marketing is not only profitable for customer but also sellers. Through the digital marketing a seller can gives an attractive offer on their products so that the customers can easily attracts and buy the product.
Social media is an important part for digital marketing. Through social media a trader can not only advertise their product but also traders can know what customer think about their products.
Now most of people are connected with social media. So social media becomes very powerful for traders.
YouTube also powerful weapon for advertising now you tube becomes 2nd big search engine. YouTube has thousands of viewers traders can advertise their products through video which attracts the customer more while you watching any video on You Tube. There is a short advertising video comes during your main video so that people attract more.
With the help of digital marketing a trader can advertise their product through local to global. Now when customer can come online then why traders are still offline.so this is the reason why companies used internet for advertising their products and reason also why marketing becomes digital and in short India becomes digital India. (Purches only made in India product, boycott cheap china products please)

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