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Author Topic: Restore procedure (maybe bug found)  (Read 9459 times)

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Restore procedure (maybe bug found)
« on: 2019-07-06, 11:10:00 »
I've recreated new server with latest kloxo MR and try to restore client and its domain, database, dns, emails, public_html.

I've discovered that best practice to restore is:
1. create same account
2. create same domain under account
3. copy restore file to /home/kloxo/client/clientname/_backup
4. select Backup/Restore, then on restore select this file (select/check all, client, domain and database)

Now restore process will restore everything, including DNS from old server. Now you must Rebuild DNS, but DKIM will be missing, now you need to added to your self and copy DKIM key manually from /var/qmail/control/domainkeys/example.com/public.txt

If you do not create firstly manual domain on new client, DKIM will not be created. New server, you must have new public DKIM key.
Then, if you do not select your domain in restore process, your data will not be copied.

So this procedure I wrote if somebody need it.

So this is good procedure when everything works.


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