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Author Topic: Too many redirects with nginx cache enabled..  (Read 12679 times)

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Too many redirects with nginx cache enabled..
« on: 2012-12-29, 21:31:34 »
Hi Mustafar, can u please help me fix the too many redirects issue i have on all wordpress domains when i uncomment the cache lines insided php-fpm.conf (located over /home/nginx/conf/globals/)

when i uncomment these lines
Code: [Select]
#fastcgi_cache fcache;
        #proxy_cache_purge pcache "$scheme://$host$1$request_method";

all wordpress domains give me too many redirects issue.. i have nginx-special installed of course and working fine until i enable cache..

PS: html domains works fine with cache enabled..
PS2:just in case it was my fault i redownloaded php-fpm.conf , generic.conf,wp-proxy.conf from github.. but still the same issue after i uncomment cache..

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Re: Too many redirects with nginx cache enabled..
« Reply #1 on: 2012-12-29, 22:57:22 »
I am not sure about it. It's maybe something wrong with nginx and or wordpress. I have big trouble when update wordpress to 3.5 for my wordpress multisite.

There nginx have new version (also purge_cache) but I am not build this new rpms.
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