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Author Topic: [ROADMAP] Kloxo-MR 6.5.0 and next release  (Read 18255 times)

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[ROADMAP] Kloxo-MR 6.5.0 and next release
« on: 2013-08-22, 15:17:42 »
In early August 2013, I was split dev to dev and 6.5.0-bugfix on github. The purpose is still maintain 6.5.0.f and start to incoming 6.5.1.

For our memory, different think between Kloxo-MR 6.5.0.f and Kloxo Official 6.1.12:
1. Change 'special' qmail (call it as qmail-lxcenter) to qmail-toaster for mail server; the reason is no src.rpm of qmail-toaster
2. Able lighttpd-proxy, nginx and nginx-proxy beside apache and lighttpd
3. Template-based configs for web server and dns server
4. Use php52s (special php 5.2 with latest patch; 5.2.17++) and hiawatha instead lxphp (old 5.2.1) and lxlighttpd for panel
5. Able switch different branch for php - 5.2/5.3/5.4
6. Install via yum and possible downgrade
7. Bugfixes, especially security issues (sql-injection for login and user possible take over server)
9. Possible using Mysql or MariaDB for database
8. More webmail applications (afterlogic, roundcube, sequirrelmail and telaen; drop old horde and t-dah)
9. Automatically list applications if add directory and their index.php inside /home/kloxo/httpd/cp and /home/kloxo/httpd/cp
10. Able using adminer, mywebsql and sqlbuddy beside phpmyadmin for database management
11. Create mail account automatically create 'Drafts', 'Sent', 'Spam' and 'Trash' folders
12. Create/delete/modified dns automatically add IP from 'A record' to 'allowed transfer'
13. More php-types for apache (mod_php/suphp/php-fpm/fcgid)
14. Give 'Load Average' info
15. And many more features and bugfixes...

6.5.1 planning (release target at December 2013):
1. Switch between courier-imap and dovecot for pop3/imap4 mail service
2. Add hiawatha and hiawatha-proxy as webserver *)
3. Add maradns and powerdns as dns server **)
4. Possible as 'secondary dns'
5. Change approach for multiple php (instead primary-secondary php) and multiple webserver (instead normal and -proxy)
6. Change data directories structure ***)
7. Add script for CPanel/Directadmin/others migration
8. Start writing SpectrApps (successor of InstallApps)
9. Nginx able to handle perl applications
10. Add new GUI/theme ***)
11. Use Apache + php-fpm in first/install (instead Apache + ruid2)

* possible apache24 and Varnish/ATS for webserver
** powerdns need change dns table structure in kloxo database so maybe pending to 6.5.2 (or 'new panel')
*** possible pending to 6.5.2 (or 'new panel') because it's overhaul
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Re: [ROADMAP] Kloxo-MR 6.5.0 and next release
« Reply #1 on: 2013-09-04, 02:16:30 »
We will be waiting for this.. you are working awesome..
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Re: [ROADMAP] Kloxo-MR 6.5.0 and next release
« Reply #2 on: 2014-02-03, 03:03:22 »
As soon as i get myself out of hard work, i will offer myself to create new theme or mod current for Kloxo-MR with full support of Ajax and fancy stuff to make it blazing fast and easy to use. I use Kloxo for several years already and i feel like i need to give something back.

Keep up the great work Mustafa!


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