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Author Topic: How to fix yahoo mail not working on iPhone?  (Read 4180 times)

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How to fix yahoo mail not working on iPhone?
« on: 2020-11-03, 13:33:29 »
A simple and Quick process to fix yahoo mail not working on iPhone.

Sometimes settings to the mail app and incorrect configuration of settings could be the reasons for yahoo mail not working. But this does not mean that you can fix this issue, here below find a completed solution to fix yahoo mail not working.

Stick with the methods to fix the issue of “Yahoo mail not working on iPhone”

Restart iPhone

  • To begin the process, first press the power button with the volume up button until the device gets turned off.
    Go to the onscreen slider.
    Wait till gets completely closed.
    Hold the button of power for long until you see the apple of Logo on phone.

Update iPhone
  • To get started, the first click on the settings> move to the General.
    Go to the software update, if any update is available.
    Follow the on-screen instructions and update it.
Delete or re-add the account

To fix all these things early, it is better to remove yahoo mail from iPhone so that the process can start again.

  • In the initial stage of the process first head to the settings>concurrently move to the password and accounts.
    Now check the details of your yahoo mail account.
    Tap on the red delete account button.
Apart from the above process of yahoo mail not working on the iphone, if you are seeking further assistance, then you can call directly on their support number to get a Quick answer or feedback, or else you can ask your friends, colleagues, or others to help you.


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