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Author Topic: How to fix sbcglobal email not working  (Read 4653 times)

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How to fix sbcglobal email not working
« on: 2020-11-03, 09:57:32 »
Fixes for the issue of SBCGlobal email not working

SBCGlobal serves its passengers with various services along with complimentary email service. The email is mainly used for notifications and promotions. But if you want, it can be used for personal purposes also. While using it for personal emails, if it stops working or you are facing any issue with the email, it could be problematic. To fix the email issues, you can refer to the info available here in this article.

Common causes for SBCGlobal email issues

When you encounter SBCGlobail email issues, it could be due to several reasons. Before fixing the email issues, you must check for the possible causes of the issue. Some of them are as follows:

    1. Poor internet connectivity

    2. Faulty browser

    3. Cache and cookies

    4. Firewalls or Antivirus

    5. Disabled Javascript

    6. Outdated browser, etc.

Other than this, any other issue can also be there which is responsible for SBCGlobal email not working issue.

Solutions to SBCGlobal email issues

While using SBCGlobal email, if you are unable to use the account, you need to fix it for the proper working. Here are the troubleshooting steps or fixes for the issue:

    1. When an email is not working, you must check for internet connectivity. If the internet connection is poor or unstable, you need to contact the internet service provider.

    2. In some cases, the email stops working due to a faulty browser. So, you can try switching the browser and then use the email.

    3. Sometimes, the already saved cache and cookies do not allow the email to work properly. So, you need to clear it for the proper working of the email.

    4. If any antivirus or firewall is enabled in the system, it might not allow a few websites to open due to security reasons. You can try disabling the software.

For any other query of SBCGlobal, you can contact its support team. To contact the technical executives, use the contact section SBCGlobal website.


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