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Author Topic: How Do I Recover My Yahoo Email Account?  (Read 152 times)

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How Do I Recover My Yahoo Email Account?
« on: 2021-10-06, 08:24:22 »
Do you require information on how to recover your Yahoo email account, since you may have lost access to it? Users of Yahoo email may forget their login password, causing them to lose access to their account. In that situation, account recovery came to their aid, allowing them to restore access to their Yahoo mail. Are you interested in learning how do I recover my Yahoo email Account? If that's the case, please read the instructions below.

·       To begin, go to the Yahoo website and input your email address.
·       Next press the next button and choose "I've forgotten my password."
·       Then choose "Yes, SMS me a verification code" from the drop-down menu.
·       After that, Yahoo will provide you a code to the registered phone number.
·       Then, on the Yahoo recovery page, input the received code.
·       After you've entered the code, you'll be sent to the password reset page.
·       Alternatively, in the previous step, choose "I don't have access to this phone."
·       Next, on the Yahoo recovery page, click the "Trouble singing in?" option.
·       Then you'll need to enter your recovery email address or phone number.
·       After that, Yahoo will send you a code by phone or email, depending on your preferred method of recovery.
·       Then you must paste the code into the recovery page and press the submit button.
·       You will then be sent to the password reset page to complete the recovery process.
·       Finally, you must set a new password and save it to log into your Yahoo email account.

How do I recover my Yahoo Email Account? All those who are considering this inquiry will find enough information in the section above to assist them with retrieving their Yahoo email if they are unable to access it for whatever reason. Additionally, you can contact the Yahoo support center for assistance from a technical specialist.


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