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Author Topic: How do I know if my American Airlines ticket is refundable?  (Read 884 times)

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American Airlines is the most famous airline headquartered in Texas. It is famous for its alluring services and extremely supportive customer care service. The customer care service is available 24/7 for its customers who are in need.

American Airlines provides very flexible flight booking, change, cancellation and refund claim through its online services.

If you have this question in your mind ‘Can I get a refund from American Airlines?’ then here you will get the answer for your question.

Yes, American Airlines do give refunds on cancellation of flights but only if a passenger is eligible for a refund. For checking whether you are eligible for a refund from American Airlines you need to go through the American Airlines refund policy.

Will American Airlines refund my ticket

Below given are the points that cover the refund policy of American Airlines:

·      You can request for a refund using the online platform of American Airlines.

·      All types of tickets are eligible for refund if the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of the actual purchase.

·      Non- refundable tickets are not eligible for a refund after passing of the 24 hours window.

·      Passenger with a flexible fare ticket is eligible for a refund even after passing of the 24 hours window. Some cancellation charges will be deducted from the fare amount.

·      The cancellation charges which will be deducted from the dare amount depends on – type of ticket, time left for the departure, journey and route.

·      Refund will be processed in 5-7 business days.

·      You can also request for a refund by calling on the customer service number of American Airlines.

For more detail about American Airlines refund policy you can contact the customer care service of American Airlines.


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