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Author Topic: How do I contact Hotmail about my account?  (Read 132 times)

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How do I contact Hotmail about my account?
« on: 2024-01-25, 13:33:34 »
After creating your account at Hotmail, which is a service through which you can compose and send mail if you have forgotten your passcode because of which you are unable to log in to your account, then you can speak to the Hotmail customer support to get assistance on your query if you wonder “How do I contact Hotmail about my account?” then for that, you can look at the information that is noted beneath and head with the preferred mode.

Mode 1.

Make a call to the customer support.

To get quick assistance from the live person at Hotmail, you can head by calling customer support and then speak to the agent about the issues regarding your account and help you with the guidance. To proceed, look at the steps mentioned below.

Make a call to the Hotmail customer support phone number (800 642 7676).

Choose any language and the IVR option.

In a short period, the person will get on the phone line.

Confront your issue regarding your Hotmail account.

The agent will help you solve your query instantly.

Mode 2.

Chat with customer support.

If you are facing any issues connecting with the live person through the Hotmail support number, then you can head to another online mode, where you can chat with the agent to resolve your issue; follow the below points to proceed.

Open the Hotmail official webpage

Click the “Chat with us” option on the “Help and Support” page.

Select the topic for your problem, and briefly summarize the issue.

The representative will provide a solution to your issue through chat.


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