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Author Topic: How can I speak online with Ethiopian Airlines?  (Read 1062 times)

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How can I speak online with Ethiopian Airlines?
« on: 2022-05-13, 12:45:39 »
Connecting with Ethiopian Airlines is as easy as it comes. The airline has a well-structured website up and running, and it is very accommodating for the passengers. You only need to be on official website to connect with this airline because the airline made sure to put each and every contact method and detail here on this page.

Steps to get contact details

On the main page, tap the ‘Menu.’
Now tap the ‘Services’ block.
Click the ‘Call Centers’ link under ‘Help and Contact.’
This loads a new page that shows a list of call center numbers for all the countries/regions where the Ethiopian Airlines services are available.
For numbers along with other contact details, such as email id, address, working hours, etc., open the ‘Worldwide Contacts’ option.
The ‘All Area Manager Contacts’ will show you different department-wise numbers for different locations in the same country/region.

Therefore, you have three answers for “How can I speak online with Ethiopian Airlines?” and you can utilize these numbers for your benefit.


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