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Author Topic: How can I fix Google Account not working on my Mac  (Read 5087 times)

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Google Account is the highly advanced technology that is used by billions of internet users daily. It is used on both Windows and Mac devices. However, Mac users sometimes face trouble while using the Google Account on it. They can resolve this issue easily with the assistance of the technical expert or use some methods to fix this technical error.

Methods to fix the Google Account working issue on MAC
If you want to fix the Google Account not working issue then you need to take some measures that are given below:

First of all, check whether you are getting the proper Internet signal on your MAC. If you found any problem, then remove it by improving the network signals or switching the mode of getting the network from Wireless to wired one or Vice Versa.

Restarting your Mac can also fix the issue on Google Account working on your MAC. As this method helps to erase some temporary errors from your Mac that obstructs the working of Google account.

Always use the updated version of Mac to use the Google Account and other services smoothly. If you are not using the updated OS, then go to its settings and update it now to enjoy the smooth experience.

Use the correct credentials while using Mac to login your Google Account. You can also try the method of signing out and then signing in again to resolve the google account working issue.

If you are still facing the similar issue, Then make a factory reset to remove the harmful virus that prevents smooth working of Google account.

However, you can also get in touch with the iOS customer support to resolve the Google Account Not Working on Mac issue.


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