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Author Topic: In reference to: Donation II  (Read 4838 times)

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In reference to: Donation II
« on: 2014-08-17, 22:42:38 »
This has been my biggest concern about KloxoMR since moving from Kloxo official.  If you shutdown, or stop working on kloxoMR, we will be left in dark.

You need a dedicated server.  You need sponsorship.  This requires you to contact 'major' hosting providers for a dedi.  If KloXo official can find a major supporter, so should you.

In reference to donations.  I upgraded 4 servers to kloxoMR 6.5.1b and shut down future orders.  6 months ago.  I have been losing money waiting on the multiple php, etc.  Your release date was supposed to be 7 months ago for 6.5.1f.  If I was actually making money, I would donate monthly.  I am not.  I am currently losing money - monthly.

I have been one of the most active members in debugging, figuring out problems, and still have problems that are never addressed, because this project has only 'one' maintainer, you.  Important aspects of the panel, including scavenge, fixtraffic, and other things still remain buggy.  They are needed for monetary and full production of kloxoMR in a shared hosting environment.  Fatal errors, reported, still exist.

Excellent ideas go unused, @spacedust's quota solution, many of my own ideas, things that make it profitable to use kloxoMR, in turn, make donations much easier.

If you started charging, which you can not under GPL license of Kloxo official, you would lose 90% of your users.  Harsh reality is, for 15.00 a month, I can have cPanel, with a dedicated team of techs if a problem arises.  I stay with open source because I LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE to the project.  If I am wasting my time in trying to do so, i'm better off changing panels and reopening orders.  Which means I can stop losing money.

Very hard to hold a project of this size alone.  I foresee this fate to be similar to kloxo official.  Hardly maintained.

It is sad.

I would suggest SEEKING out a hosting company to sponser you.  I do not own any of the boxes I maintain, and am only a VERY small, essentially reseller.

If we move forward and I can open up my orderimg, I will donate monthly.
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Re: In reference to: Donation II
« Reply #1 on: 2014-08-17, 23:17:46 »
@chrisf, i share you concerns as well. I did migrate from cPanel a while back.
I try to donate to my best, but i'm pretty much in the start of my business.

@Mustafa, what about an attempt to find other potential code contributors as this panel is a very promising one!

I really hope won't come into a situation where i need to look for yet another hosting panel!

Offline insanity

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Re: In reference to: Donation II
« Reply #2 on: 2014-08-18, 15:27:29 »
I'm agree with @chrisf.

Several times in the past I offered a dedicated server or couple VPSes depends on Mustafa needs ( for free ), but every time he reject my offer.
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