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Author Topic: How to fix Yahoo Not Working with Mozilla Firefox?  (Read 8150 times)

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Are you facing the issue of opening yahoo with Mozilla Firefox? Do you want to know the reasons behind the non-working of Mozilla Firefox? If you say yes, that Yahoo Not Working on Mozilla Firefox then here is the answer for you. Below mentions are some fixes to resolve the issue of yahoo stopped working on Mozilla Firefox.

Fixes to resolve the non-working of yahoo on Mozilla.

Update yahoo version - there might be the possibility that the version of yahoo may be outdated for that version of the Mozilla Firefox. So for this, the users are advised to update their yahoo software and the issue of non-working may be fixed.
Update the Mozilla Firefox version- the version that the user is using of Mozilla may be outdated, and that needs to be updated, or Mozilla Firefox version is unsupported. So the users are advised to download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.   
The device needs to be updates- it could be possible that the device, may be outdated. So the users are advised to update their mobile to open the yahoo on Mozilla, and in the case of a laptop, the user needs to update the window to open the yahoo and fix the issue.
Check internet connectivity- there might be an internet connectivity problem, so the users are advised to check their internet connection properly to fix the issue.
The above mentioned are some of the reasons that the user needs to fix so that their yahoo starts working with Mozilla Firefox in case Yahoo Not Working on Mozilla Firefox. If the issue is not resolved yet, then the users are advised to go with the customer care services of yahoo and ask for the solution.


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