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Author Topic: Donation idea  (Read 6468 times)

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Donation idea
« on: 2014-08-17, 14:42:49 »

I have an idea on donations - as not may people are reading forums - place a top header banner in KLOXO itself asking for donation, which would be visible only for admin account. (You can also code another menu item in the list - "Donate")

Other source - register with hosting providers , get your refferal URL for selling hosting - and make those visible on your forum with a link from KLOXO header . So that people ordering new hosting could use you as a refferal, that would mean the price would stay same for them, but you would get some $ /per registration or even from monthly payments.

Not to be too intrusive, you can also code a box which would allow admins to hide the ad , until you ran out of money ;)



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