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Author Topic: ATTN] Donation and Sponsorship (II)  (Read 19976 times)

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ATTN] Donation and Sponsorship (II)
« on: 2014-08-17, 02:52:51 »
This is a second time for donation/sponsorship.

Until now, donation and or sponsorship just very little. it's hard to developing Kloxo-MR as free/open-source products without donation and or sponsorship. Without donation and sponsor mean all resources (spend money for servers, spend times for developing Kloxo-MR and others) mostly from myself.

Hard to continuing for developing Kloxo-MR (also other apps) because I must share my times for another business (make a money). I hope everybody which using Kloxo-MR no hard to donation and as sponshorship.

Need minimum USD 60-80/month for rent 6-8 VPSes (4 VPSes for rpm compile purpose and 2-4 VPSes for testing and comparing) and internet connection USD 20-40/month. Total USD 80-120/month

At this moments, 2 options for donations:
1. Pay via paypal - click here
2. Special for Indonesia's peoples) - Mandiri: 137.00.0180361.4 (Mustafa Ramadhan) or BCA: 126.162.4414 (Lia Amaliati)
For sponshorship, need negotiation.
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