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I have added to /etc/php.ini this
    default_charset = "utf-8"
but phpinfo() shows
    default_charset   no value   no value

and these are the mysql settings
    Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
    Server type: MySQL
    Server version: 5.5.34 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
    Protocol version: 10
    User: xxxxx
    Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

    all greek characters look right only the greek characters that show the jquery datatables plugin are displayed like ?????, these data come to the page by ajax and json encode!

I have a script with the datatables, a jquery plugin, it shows some data in Greek language,
everything was looking fine, but after transition from classic kloxo to kloxo-mr, the greek letters changed to ????.

I have searched for a solution, but i didn't find something, it looks like some encoding problem, but i can't find it.
I really like the kloxo-mr and i don't want to go back but i need to find a solution.

Anything in mind????

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