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Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Kloxo-MR RAM Optimization
« on: 2013-02-18, 22:20:16 »
Howdy and good day,

I am happy when I am able to make Kloxo-MR running in VPS so great without problem. importing and exporting database is great and fast without any error. After done with data restoration from old kloxo lxcenter to Kloxo-MR, I found out that the consumption of RAM is slightly different, as last time I did tweak on my old kloxo lxcenter. Therefore I was wondering what the best way to optimizing RAM consumption without losing website load performance. Especially when website getting more and more visitor, the consumption of RAM will be huge! I believe that Kloxo-MR able support thousand of visitor without losing so much RAM. I would be thankful and happy if anyone could share any tip & tweak here.


About Forum Members / My First Impression on Kloxo-MR
« on: 2013-02-18, 15:21:55 »

Today I am been introduced to Kloxo MR by it developer Mr. Mustafa, he guide me on how to install. As far as concern, the installation process of MR is more direct and easier compare to Lxcenter Kloxo. No error was found during the installation process and with dual php working as one making any web script running as great as they should.

Currently I am running Kloxo MR using CentOS 6.2 with the latest build Kloxo MR (6.5.0.c.2013021802). All the best for Kloxo MR! This should be no 1 hosting Panel!

Thanks!  :D

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