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Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / light speed web server and kloxo
« on: 2017-08-12, 06:09:21 »
kloxo is compatible with light speed web server?
and if yes, how can i install kloxo with light speed?

thanks in advance

yes, but because size of clients backup, i doubt about that
for sure, i ask a question

tnx for quick answer,
so for transfer all data, backup from admin is enough?
for example, in picture, 1.3 Gig is enough for transfer all data?
or i should backup from each client?

Thanks in advance

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / backup command is not working
« on: 2017-07-31, 16:41:24 »
in ssh terminal as you see in backup-4-edit, after permission denied, with chmod, run the command, approximately 1.5 hours after run command ,as you see in picture backup-5-edit, this error appears, this is html code. why this happened?

As you see in picture (backup-2-edit), i have 6 clients, and schedule backup each of them, admin backup size is 1.3 Gig and, for one of my clients is 1.6 Gig, why this happened?
typically admin backup should more than every client backup. isn't that?

and one more thing (in backup-3-edit picture) , why lxlabs owner file is more than root owner file?
for transfer from any where, which of them should download?
for example if i want to transfer to Cpanel, which is should download?
and if i want to transfer to another kloxo, which is should download?

Thanks in advance

for backup kloxo mr7, we have two options:

first: in ssh terminal type: /script/backup --class=client --name=admin

second: in UI according to attachment picture

what is difference between two options?
and, when run first method, we should stay in ssh terminal until backup done, or we can logout and the process go on?

Thanks in advance

Perfect  ;)

ok, i am admin, where to find these logs?
when i can delete all file in /var/log so, i am admin
where to find kloxo database? which is exactly address to these logs?
i search every thing from every where, but i can't find logs

is there /usr/bin/mysql ?

tnx a lot  8)

it's possible or not, my master want to do this, what can i do for delete logs?

what is best os for kloxo panel?
for example which one version of centOS?
i tried centOS 6.5 64bit & 32bit & centOS 7 64, but still centOS 6.7 64bit is better?
is this true?
or something else?

we are 2 admins, and master(employer) want to delete these logs, cuz for each of us define specific duties and, another man shouldn't see my work.
plz tell me what should i do to delete these logs? this is very important for my work
thanks in advance

tnx for answer, ok how can i delete this logs in database?

as you see in picture, logs still there!!
i delete every thing in /usr/local/lxlabs/kloxo/log with this command
rm -f /usr/local/lxlabs/kloxo/log/* and one by one, but still there!

i want to clean log file in, admin->action log. but i can't
after i search,search and search finally,i find log manager and ssh terminal and with command : rm -f /var/log/foldername/something.log  i delete every thing that i can, but in action log in admin panel still log exist !!
what should i do to clean log in action log?

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