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every thing is ok, but that page still there

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / trouble with restore kloxo backup
« on: 2017-10-23, 14:37:42 »
restore tar file from other kloxo to my kloxo.
after that, apache testing 123 appeares,
what should i do to get rid of this page?

i found my answer in this link:

i found my answer in this link:

i have vps with centos 32bit,vps updated automatically to 64.
after that 3 client from 10 client sites down.
and error is dns is not respond. and dns is not point to ip.
why this happened? and what should i do to repair this error

thanks in advance

http://viewdns.info, tells me:

Oops! You don't have a CNAME entry or an A record for your WWW record. This means that no-one will see your site when they visit this site!

but i set a record and cname. why this error appear?!

i check dns with http://viewdns.info
this seems cname and a record got in trouble but both of them are set by me.
why this error appear?

i delete site, and create new client, but that error still there!
what happened to my kloxo?

i have tried so much, but nothing happened.
i have a server, and 9 clients,for 3 sites, this happened, and other nothing happen
that's unbelievable.
change dns, create dns template,...

thanks a lot for response
i check every thing, and everything appear correct, but error still there!
i confused for this error.

these error change to unique one "didn't send any data"
what happened to my joomla site?

my site has error, that i never seen before.
my joomla site doesn't load, and with chrome some error and firefox other error.
when i change ip, the error is change!
for exmaple:
at chrome the error is: server DNS address could not be found
at firefox error is: Server not found
when i change my ip, this error is: didn't send any data

i check dns,
restart myql,
reboot server,
read log files,
edit index.php,
and all of things, and everything is ok, but that errors appear.
what should i do?

Thanks in advance

i have joomla website, when i load home page, this error appear:

Error 500
PHP regular expression limit reached (pcre.backtrack_limit)

after i search about this error, i find that  ini_set must set same as:


for this reason i should access to php.ini

one of my sites got in trouble, and i should edit php.ini and set again "ini_set"
but i can't find it in kloxo panel,
advanced php configure seems does't have ini_set,
but how can i edit php.ini?
and how to edit ini_set?

Thanks in Advance

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