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Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: "yum update" failing
« on: 2016-01-22, 22:35:40 »

I also got the same issue. i follow the step issue solved but got a problem..

'yum reinstall mratwork-release; yum update; sh /script/upcp -y'.
kloxo-mr was reinstalled deleting the previous config (kloxo users, etc..)

how i will restore my previous users data??

all the web directory is under /home

but the config is gone..

This is my sysinfo

[root@server ~]# sh /script/sysinfo

A. Kloxo-MR: 6.5.0.f-2015083001

B. OS: CentOS release 6.7 (Final) i686

C. Apps:
   1. MySQL: mysql55-5.5.47-1.ius.el6.i686
   2. PHP: php53u-5.3.29-1.ius.el6.i686
   3. Httpd: httpd-2.2.31-1.mr.el6.i386
   4. Lighttpd: --uninstalled--
   5. Nginx: nginx-1.9.9-1.el5.ngx.i386
   6. Qmail: qmail-toaster-1.03-1.3.55.mr.el6.i386
      - with: courier-imap-toaster-4.1.2-1.3.18.mr.el6.i386
   7. Dns: bind-9.9.7-1.mr.el6.i386

D. Php-type (for Httpd/proxy): php-fpm_event

E. Memory:
                total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
   Mem:           512        458         53         31          0        317
   -/+ buffers/cache:        140        371
   Swap:          512         89        422

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