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Indonesia Users / Kloxo MR dengan AWS amazon EC2
« on: 2017-01-15, 16:28:24 »
mohon bantuan panduan install di aws amazon ec2 ?

Pak Mr,

Tolong bantu ada error fresh install ..

Code: [Select]
[root@ip-172-31-54-214 /]# yum update mratwork-* -y
Loaded plugins: amazon-id, rhui-lb, search-disabled-repos
mratwork-epel/7Server/x86_64/metalink                    |  40 kB     00:00
Could not parse metalink https://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/metalink?repo=epel-7Server&arch=x86_64 error was
No repomd file

 One of the configured repositories failed (Unknown),
 and yum doesn't have enough cached data to continue. At this point the only
 safe thing yum can do is fail. There are a few ways to work "fix" this:

     1. Contact the upstream for the repository and get them to fix the problem.

     2. Reconfigure the baseurl/etc. for the repository, to point to a working
        upstream. This is most often useful if you are using a newer
        distribution release than is supported by the repository (and the
        packages for the previous distribution release still work).

     3. Run the command with the repository temporarily disabled
            yum --disablerepo=<repoid> ...

     4. Disable the repository permanently, so yum won't use it by default. Yum
        will then just ignore the repository until you permanently enable it
        again or use --enablerepo for temporary usage:

            yum-config-manager --disable <repoid>
            subscription-manager repos --disable=<repoid>

     5. Configure the failing repository to be skipped, if it is unavailable.
        Note that yum will try to contact the repo. when it runs most commands,
        so will have to try and fail each time (and thus. yum will be be much
        slower). If it is a very temporary problem though, this is often a nice

            yum-config-manager --save --setopt=<repoid>.skip_if_unavailable=true

File /var/cache/yum/x86_64/7Server/mratwork-epel/metalink.xml does not exist

please advise

Indonesia Users / IP tidak terbaca
« on: 2015-11-26, 16:09:40 »
Pak tolong ip tidak terbaca di kloxo mr 6.5 pada instance aws amazon

apa yang perlu di setting ?

Indonesia Users / Ioncube selalu tidak aktif
« on: 2015-06-21, 21:40:59 »
Dear Pak Mr,

Pak mohon solusi, server kloxo-mr saya selalu mati sendiri ioncubenya setelah beberapa hari restart.. ?

ini screenshotnya : http://prntscr.com/7jo5v1

Indonesia Users / Check domain yg sudah terpointing
« on: 2015-06-13, 11:37:46 »
pak mr.

bagaimana check domain yg sudah terpointing di server kloxo-mr ?

Indonesia Users / (ask)cara buat notifikasi
« on: 2015-06-04, 08:18:58 »
Dear MR ,

Bagaimana cara buat notifikasi otomatis baru daftar ke server kloxo-MR?


Indonesia Users / Import Cpanel
« on: 2014-12-03, 20:32:51 »
Salam to Pak MR,

Saya ingin import cpanel backup ke kloxo-mr? cara gimana ya?

Terima kasih sebelumnya

Indonesia Users / Apakah bisa overselling?
« on: 2014-11-28, 05:59:25 »
Salam, Pak MR saya ingin bertanya fitur kloxo-mr sebagai berikut :

1. Apakah bisa kloxo-mr overselling?
2. Dimana letak on/off fitur tersebut?

Terima kasih

Indonesia Users / (solved)kustomisasi default page kloxo-mr
« on: 2014-11-28, 03:15:57 »
salam, pak mr bagaimana kah cara mengubah/kustomisasi default page setelah domain terpointing dengan hosting kloxo-mr pak?

Market Places / Will be launch hosting with kloxo-mr
« on: 2014-11-28, 02:06:12 »
Will be launch hosting with kloxo-mr, so do not miss it!

Indonesia Users / Tutorial untuk Fresh Install Kloxo-MR 7
« on: 2014-11-28, 00:49:37 »
Yang harus dilakukan untuk fresh install Kloxo-MR 7.0.0.b-2014112003 adalah :

1. Cleanup dengan perintah 'sh /script/cleanup'
2. Fix-all dengan perintah 'sh /script/fix-all'
3. Restart-all dengan perintah 'sh /script/restart-all'

Setelah itu anda rubah ke nginxproxy dan php-event dengan php secondart php 5.2 dan nsd sebagai dnsnya.

Jika ingin menambahkan silahkan berkomentar di bawah.

NB : berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi saya.

Indonesia Users / error halaman tidak muncul
« on: 2014-11-27, 21:44:24 »
pak MR, error halaman malah muncul yang sebelumnya kenapa ya?

Bagaimana menambahkan harddisk sebagai space dikloxo-mr?

NB : space skr tidak cukup dan ingin menambahkan harddisk baru sebagai penambahan space

Non Technical Discussions / change to responsive theme?
« on: 2014-11-10, 19:19:50 »
please change this forum theme to responsive cause sometime user is use their mobile to make contribution or question answer.

bagaimana setting php versi 5.4 khusus domain tertentu pada server kloxo-mr?

Code: [Select]
[root@server ~]# sh /script/sysinfo

A. Kloxo-MR: 7.0.0.b-2014102901

B. OS: CentOS release 6.6 (Final) x86_64

C. Apps:
   1. MySQL: mysql55-5.5.40-1.ius.el6.x86_64
   2. PHP: php53u-5.3.29-1.ius.el6.x86_64
   3. Httpd: httpd-2.2.29-1.mr.el6.x86_64
   4. Lighttpd: --uninstalled--
   5. Hiawatha: hiawatha-9.8.0-f.2.mr.el6.x86_64
   6. Nginx: nginx-1.7.7-1.el6.ngx.x86_64
   7. Cache: --uninstalled--
   8. Dns: nsd-4.1.0-3.mr.el6.x86_64
   9. Qmail: qmail-toaster-1.03-1.3.38.mr.el6.x86_64
      - with: courier-imap-toaster-4.1.2-1.3.16.mr.el6.x86_64

D. Php-type (for Httpd/proxy): php-fpm_event

E. Memory:
                total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
   Mem:          7822       2716       5105         32        366       1177
   -/+ buffers/cache:       1172       6649
   Swap:         7951          0       7951

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