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The UPSC exams play a vital role in succeeding a candidate. Therefore, one of the main questions that many aspirants ask is how to start preparing for IAS exams. Before you start, it is advised to decide whether you would opt for self-study or take training. Below, we will discuss some of the most critical steps that will help you prepare for the UPSC syllabus with the right approach.

Forum Announcements / How to face IAS interview questions?
« on: 2022-03-30, 17:17:02 »
If you are looking forward to appearing for your IAS interview round, you have come to the right place. Below through this blog, we will be discussing some of the points that show the tips to face IAS interview questions with ease.

The topics of economics optional are technical but at the same, they are equally relevant in current scenarios. If you pay attention to the current affairs then solving papers might be helpful, as most of the questions asked in the UPSC exam are based on current topics. However, studying and preparing for economics is not easy, you must follow strategies to cover all the topics on time. We will discuss the key points to consider and a few basic strategies to prepare for economics optional below in the blog URL.

Forum Announcements / How to Make Notes for UPSC?
« on: 2022-03-16, 16:25:00 »
It is very important to manage time in these examinations; your answers must be descriptive as well as limited when it comes to periods. Hence the candidates are required to answer all the questions using minimum words in the given time.  It all depends on how well you have prepared yourself for the UPSC examination. We will learn the tips and points to consider while making a note for the UPSC examination in this article.

Books for Commerce and Accountancy Optional: For UPSC aspirants with commerce background, commerce and accountancy is the most preferred optional topic in commerce. Accounting, cost accounting, taxation, auditing, financial management, financial markets, organizational theory and behaviour, human resource management, and industrial relations are among the topics covered in the UPSC books for commerce and accountancy optional. You may get more details by visiting the following URL.

The education sector is one of the majorly impacted sectors due to the pandemic’s advent. As we are adopting The New Normal, we, at Elite IAS, have planned to do justice to the phrase ‘Learning Never Stops’. So if you are wondering where to join online live classes for UPSC, Then your search ends here. To get further information, go through the following URL.

The preliminary round for the Civil Services test, which is one of the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) examinations, is ready to begin the year-long selection process. Because the bells for the examination are about to ring, the final week of preparations should be productive.
The UPSC civil services test is considered one of India’s most prominent exams, with lakhs of students preparing for it each year. So there are the top 5 strategies to kickstart your UPSC civil services exam preparation.

Forum Announcements / UPSC Exam Tips to Score High Marks
« on: 2022-03-04, 17:14:20 »
There are so many tips to score high marks, but first and foremost, you must recognize that the exam is rapidly approaching. As a result, don’t try anything new. Understand the format of the exam, the scoring system, and how you will be evaluated. For more information on UPSC Exam Tips to Score High Marks,  just go through the following URL.

From universal general knowledge to national events, the current affairs for UPSC has a vast scope. Here, we share a quick review of IAS's current affairs for you. Today, we are focusing on the Federation. After a few incidents, the word "federation" has become very famous. The probability of covering this concept by the syllabus of IAS current affairs is very high. The current events have raised the need to reanalyze our Judiciary system. That's why the federal approach of our judiciary is under the scrutiny of netizens.

If you are preparing for the IAS examination, but are not sure how to start preparing for IAS, then no worries. There are so many tips and strategies are discussed here in this blog. You only need to go through it and get the detailed information for the same in one place.

Forum Announcements / An overview of the UPSC syllabus
« on: 2022-02-24, 16:01:38 »
Knowing the overview of the UPSC syllabus can help you in creating an efficient strategy for your preparation. The UPSC exam is conducted on two levels. The first one is Prelims and the second is Mains. This blog comprises a summary view of the whole UPSC syllabus.

 In this pandemic time, the online classes for UPSC exam preparation have proved of great help to the aspirants. If the aspirants are self-disciplined and self-motivated, the best benefits can be reaped from online classes. Below is mentioned some points which describe the advantages of civil services online classes.
Direct Expert Guidance
Flexibility for Working Professionals
On the Spot Doubt-Clearance
Remote Access: – Civil Services Online Classes
Video Recording for Future Reference
Cost-Effective Solution
Aspirants Can Learn at Their Own Pace

Understanding the problems of an aspiring candidate to become a civil servant and serve in the highest administrative services in the country is vitally important. Let’s see what common challenges arise during UPSC preparation and what a candidate can do about them through the following blog.

Every aspirant should get proper guidance and work in the correct direction to achieve success. The aspirants should get coaching for the specific subjects as per their requirements and capabilities. So there are so many factors that students should consider while choosing a UPSC IAS Coaching Centre. Here in this blog, you will get to know how to choose the best IAS coaching center in Delhi.

MGNREGA stands for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). It's the world’s largest social security program. There are so many benefits of the MGNREGA scheme, Which is enlisted in this blog. Here you will get all the required details of MGNREGA.

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