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I installed kloxo 7 on centos7 today.
I choosed nginxproxy and php 7.0.33u
but it only shows html file on port 8080 and do not shows on port 80 and 443/
it did not show any domain until i disabled firewalld service.
and finally i find clamav automatically worked and server freezed therefore i uninstalled it.
I used
Code: [Select]
netstat -lntup and attached file
Please help.
1) i fix web ports
2) i fix other ports

why ports were automatically set to wrong numbers?

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Webserver Configure Kloxo mr 7
« on: 2019-12-02, 15:25:30 »
Thanks for such good free panel.
Please help:
1- Is there any wiki or documentation for kloxo?
please send link if there is.

2-is there for each important command like rebuild and compile apache php mysql that we execute theme by choose a menu and submit button , text linux command too?

3- please help me about this page: (Webserver Configure).
    3A) My sites are Classifieds with many option lists and text in search (like real estate or computer ads for finding mobile and pc with many option to choose for search.

what PHP and web server must i choose?

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