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Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: PHP Switch
« on: 2016-05-16, 19:28:15 »
I use your favorite combo, hiawathaproxy, php 54m, php-fmp, kloxoMR 7.0

Please, can you tell me, where I can make custom php.ini, php-fmp and if necessary apache file. I total confused about template-based config. I'm lost... :)))

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: Kloxo Panel restart
« on: 2016-05-16, 08:07:16 »
Yea, thats worked. Thank you...

One more question...
Its normal 450-550mb memory used for for only admin client with one domain with this config?

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Kloxo Panel restart
« on: 2016-05-15, 19:49:49 »
I had lots of problems in openVZ after rebooting server... no memory allocated, kloxoMR wont start, ssh blocking, services not starting after switching etc... I moved from that host and I'm now on KVM server. For now seem everything is ok except:

To much cached memory in small time of period
KloxoMR Panel wont start after restarting all services.. must make ssh command once or two time to start a panel...   /etc/init.d/kloxo restart

OK, I Can Use a Cron Option in Servers for cached memory and restart services if memory go high, but how to deal with kloxo panel after restart?

My combo is:

Code: [Select]
A. Control Panel:
   - Kloxo-MR: 7.0.0.b-2016051401
   - Web: hiawatha-10.2.0-f.6.mr.el6.x86_64
   - PHP: php54s-5.4.45-1.ius.el6 (fpm mode)
B. Plateform:
   - OS: CentOS release 6.7 (Final) x86_64
C. Services:
   1. MySQL: MariaDB-server-10.0.25-1.el6.x86_64
   2. PHP:
      - Branch: php54-cli-5.4.45-1.ius.el6.x86_64
      - Multiple:
        * php54m-5.4.45-1.ius.el6
      - Used: php54m
   3. Web Used: hiawathaproxy
     - Hiawatha: --used--
     - Lighttpd: --uninstalled--
     - Nginx: --uninstalled--
     - Httpd: httpd24u-2.4.20-1.ius.el6.x86_64
       - PHP Type: php-fpm_event
   4. WebCache: none
     - ATS: --uninstalled--
     - Squid: --uninstalled--
     - Varnish: --uninstalled--
   5. Dns: bind
     - Bind: bind-9.9.7-1.mr.el6.x86_64
     - DJBDns: --uninstalled--
     - NSD: --uninstalled--
     - PowerDNS: --uninstalled--
     - Yadifa: --uninstalled--
   6. Mail: qmail-toaster-1.03-1.3.55.mr.el6.x86_64
      - pop3/imap4: courier-imap-toaster-4.1.2-1.3.18.mr.el6.x86_64
      - spam: none
D. Memory:
                total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
   Mem:           996        376        619         48          9        111
   -/+ buffers/cache:        256        739
   Swap:            0          0          0
E. Disk Space:
   Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
   /dev/sda1        30G  2.2G   26G   8% /


Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / PHP Switch
« on: 2016-05-14, 14:46:23 »
Sorry, I was long time away. Im noob in vps and decided to use your panel. Can somebody explain me, whats different is using php brachs like:


One more thing, I'm completely lost in configuration ...  Where are located maps for configuring files like nginx, php-fpm, apache..etc without losing configuration after using cleaning scripts or update


Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: telnet slave-id 7779
« on: 2013-05-07, 01:19:05 »
At the end, I rented a new hosting. Update and installation blazing fast. Switching program and webserver fast and withot any problems. Seams, all errors was of bad VPS Provider.

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: telnet slave-id 7779
« on: 2013-05-06, 16:45:01 »
Quote from: "MRatWork"
What you mean 'node change'?.

Vps provider maybe change some rules on their server? A week ago, I tested KloxoMR without telnet problems on same vps servers. Last two days, cant change anything in panel with many attempts and fresh installations, restarting services, rebooting servers and applying fixing scripts.... Telnet error is showing all the time.
I give a try, one more time when I get home!

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: telnet slave-id 7779
« on: 2013-05-06, 15:58:06 »
Quote from: "MRatWork"
So, try reboot.

Done! No help? Reinstalled server image, few times. Sometime after reboot and kloxo restart I manage to change one option, but get same message after tried second, switching webserver, contact info or anything else.

Its possible some node change, causing this error?

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: telnet slave-id 7779
« on: 2013-05-06, 11:16:30 »
Quote from: "MRatWork"
Usually reboot or run 'sh /script/restart' (the same as 'service kloxo restart') will solve this issue.

Already tried, doesn't help.

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / telnet slave-id 7779
« on: 2013-05-06, 01:15:46 »
Code: [Select]
Alert: Could not Connect to the server localhost. This is most likely due to underlying network problem. Make sure that the server is accessible from this particular node by running telnet slave-id 7779 [/b]

I tried fresh install final release on two servers running Centos 5 and 6.  I'm getting above message from start when panel asking to change default password. Rebooting not helping, same like kloxo service restarting.
I even tried many fix scripts!
Then, tried to change password from ssh, but message appears all the time when I need to change something in panel...  

I didn't have this problem a week a go, when was testing some functionality on same servers.

Please, help me!

Kloxo-MR Tips and Tricks / Re: Default Domain - IP Maping
« on: 2013-05-01, 22:39:26 »
Please, move thread to proper forum, my mistake... sorry!

Kloxo-MR Tips and Tricks / Default Domain - IP Maping
« on: 2013-05-01, 21:59:46 »
When I use nginx proxy, cant get working webmail. Webmail page pointing to default Domain after submitting options in KloxoMR panel for default domain and IP maping.
A. Kloxo-MR: 6.5.0.f-2013031811

B. OS: CentOS release 6.4 (Final) i686

C. Apps:
   1. MySQL: mysql-5.5.29-1.el6.i686
   2. PHP: php53u-5.3.24-1.ius.el6.i686
   3. Httpd: httpd-2.2.24-1.el6.i686
   4. Lighttpd: --uninstalled--
   5. Nginx: nginx-1.4.0-1.el6.ngx.i386
   6. Qmail: qmail-toaster-1.03-1.3.22.mr.el6.i686
   7. Dns: bind-9.9.2-3.P2.el6.i686

D. Php-type (for Httpd/proxy): php-fpm_event

Kloxo-MR Tips and Tricks / Re: Suhosin & RoundCube
« on: 2013-05-01, 21:55:52 »
Sorry for late reply. Same suhosin.session.encrypt=off" line can be putted on "/etc/php.d/suhosin.ini", and everything seams to be fine....

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Kloxo Panel, php value edit
« on: 2013-01-14, 01:31:02 »
I tried to rise upload value in php settings for one domain. Settings didn't make any effect on joomla settings, but main php config did?
Anyone with this bug, or its happend only me?

GNU/Linux Helps / Re: VPS Memory consuption
« on: 2013-01-14, 01:25:38 »
I like the new server. It cheaper, more memory and friendly support, but the time will show the stability. The old one vps, going to history, and no need for the ticket....  ;)

Kloxo-MR Technical Helps / Re: My stuff
« on: 2013-01-14, 01:17:45 »
I installed a xcache, and will be enabled on joomla and vbulletin site. Is necessary to enable this configuration on proxy.conf. Will be any better for speed?  I assume the nginx cache is already enabled?

    ### MR -- Enable this if not using nginx cache and not for wordpress
#    location ~* ^.+.(jpe?g|gif|png|ico|css|zip|tgz|gz|rar|bz2|doc|xls|exe|pdf|ppt|txt|tar|mid|midi|wav|bmp|rtf|js|swf|avi|mp3)$ {
#        expires 2d;
#        access_log off;
#        root $rootdir;
#    }

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