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Author Topic: [INTRO] Introduction Kloxo-MR For Beginner  (Read 10118 times)

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[INTRO] Introduction Kloxo-MR For Beginner
« on: 2013-02-07, 01:07:55 »
- Indonesia version - http://forum.mratwork.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=828


What is Kloxo-MR
Kloxo-MR is a fork version of Kloxo. It is common in the open source world, when a developer or a small group of developers to move beyond Official Team, the product was called fork version. Kloxo-MR is a full open source server hosting panel, similar to the paid panel (enterprise platform). One time install process is complete. He has been covering all the basic software packages needed for hosting, including shared hosting and Server hosting.

Kloxo-MR 6.5 is able to run on all series of CentOS which is CentOS 5 32bit & 64bit, and  Centos 6 32bit & 64bit . As for memory requirements, to Kloxo-MR itself is only about 15MB of RAM. How to install: http://forum.mratwork.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=644

Indeed, there is no standard for measuring and comparing Kloxo with other panels. If there is a judgment, then it is more personal opinion. General weakness is at configuration by the user, such as when Kloxo user admin to 'open':
* Exec function for the client
* Client is allowed access via ssh
Indeed Kloxo Security features are quite reliable. There is a menu to change the default port 22. There is also a mechanism of IP banned for a failed login, default 20 times and can be changed. One more, kloxo login is admin, so admin is lower than root. In short, the hackers are likely to penetrate is derived from the client itself, when it's shared hosting.  And this also applies to paid hosting panel.

What Is it different with Kloxo Official
Certainly a lot of innovation in Kloxo-MR. Regarding features, it transcends Kloxo Official , even when compared to All Other hosting panel, there is no opponent. Starting from the webserver features : apache, nginx, lighttpd, nginx-proxy and lighttpd-proxy. Also for the features of  php branch available up php54. As contained for php type: mod_php, suPHP, php-fpm, fcgid and other derivatives, as well as the option of dual-php (with php52). The presence of these features allows the Kloxo-MR user to be configure more efficient and more sophisticated.

At more fundamental change than Kloxo Official, is Kloxo-MR that uses a template-based approach that was written using 'inline php', The impact is allows user to perform customized. Structure and procedure for customize, see http://forum.mratwork.com/viewtopic.php?t=245&p=444

What is the difference Kloxo-MR with generally paid hosting panel
In general, when compared to paid hosting panel, that Kloxo-MR is general package approach, ie from multiple sources / repo. It deals with the installation process for all software related to the hosting panel software. With this approach the Kloxo-MR user is possible to change or add new software.

General package of Kloxo-MR is taking php RPMs from centos.repo and kloxo-mr.repo, which is a combination of links to centalt.repo, special kloxo-mr.repo stored in github, ius.repo and Epel. And of course it is be possible if the user wanted to add another repo for install addition software.

In contrast to paid hosting panel look like Cpanel or DirectAdmin sorts who provide their own packages specifically. And of course paid hosting panel is to be inflexible and the addition of another repo package can be fatal error. The point is that, a paid hosting panel gives less room for 'creativity'.

For future development Kloxo-MR enhanced will further its compatibility in terms of the replacement or addition of new software. And of course, including the addition of several features that will be instant bundled in the Kloxo-MR.

Although Kloxo-MR is more open in terms of adding new software, but for beginners it is advisable to be careful, especially when its server was about to be employed for the production site immediately. Instead it's based on explicit instructions from the master, and the back-up data is always necessary to keep watch.

What things should be considered in optimize memory?
In the series Kloxo 6.1.6 backwards to optimize the httpd and mysql to be done manually, edit the file httpd.conf  and my.conf. While starting up a new series version 6.1.7 today, including Kloxo-MR can be done instantly because it was available interface optimized. http://forum.lxcenter.org/index.php?t=msg&th=17512

Related to optimize memory problems should be noted php handler, because the Kloxo-MR there are so many options, it needs to be wisely selected. Here the challenge, which we are required to choose their own custom handler php webserver and what kinds according to our will, but on the other hand the lack of proper custom can have a ram to be swollen.

What to consider in choosing PHP Branch?
The first point that should be emphasized is about Php Branch, the feature is available up PHP54. Of course, the latest series must be speed and much more efficient. A problem when APPS (like wordpress) that we use or modules in APPS has not yet support the latest php. When choosing nginx or lighttpd-proxy-proxy we can use the solution with dual-php (php52), meaning that a certain the old part of  APPS software will be handled php52, while the others dealt with the latest php. And it would not hurt to always put dual-php, just in case, because he will not be active if the software turns APPS uptodate.

If we choose the only 'nginx' and are not convinced by 'the new-ness' APPS may choose the middle way is php53/u. This will lead to a significant difference when compared choose php52. If it's compatible so select only php54.

What to consider in choosing a Web Server?
About the Web Server option and also php option must be debateble, because this is just a recognition there is no need for debate. Issues related to this case is all about memory efficiency, velocity (speed), compatibility, complexity of configuration, and security.

No need to elaborate with the Apache web server, because it's kloxo official standard, as well as the vast majority of users are using the apache webserver. That the apache web server compatibility is its highest, the average software could be matched with the apache, and use (configuration) apache is also very easy, especially with the existence of the .httaccess file.  But unfortunately it turned out apache wasteful memory, in the context as it appears in kloxo on memory usage graph. That's it.

The weakness of the above can be covered when choosing nginx-proxy as a web server, which is a front-end by nginx and apache as the back-end. Thus static file handled by Nginx, while the proxy as dynamic requests for PHP will be handled by Apache. It is also important when there are other cases that nginx can not be handle and then handled by apache. That is known to be highly efficient in nginx joined with all the advantages compatibility in apache (.httacces file still be used). Besides, it could also choose lighttpd-proxy, but still more trendy than nginx-proxy.

The next option is only nginx.  The Web server is again on the rise and much discussed because the speed and efficiency of its memory. But unfortunately to use and configuration is relatively difficult, which means compatibility is also relatively low. Unlike apache that is stay put. But do not be discouraged, nginx contained in Kloxo-MR ('nginx-special') is relatively compatible since permalink has been active and much more additional modules (third-party) including purge-cache module.

The last option is lighttpd, has also been included in Kloxo Official. Lighttpd is also known efficient about memory, but the issue remains the same, namely difficulty about wildcard and permalink. So for the newbie advised to choose nginx-proxy, but please explore each of these options, which one is more appropriate.

What to consider in choosing PHP Type?
This option of php  type will appear when selecting apache, nginx-proxy or lighttpd-proxy as a web server. Because  Apache it's only one compatible with all variety of php type. While nginx and lighttpd always default php-fpm.

For the Newbie advisable to choose an existing suffix event or worker. More specifically it is advisable to choose php-fpm event. Because of his request system more efficient. Of course if php-fpm is a super choice, the other options are eliminated. And Kloxo-MR provides so many options if there are users who have other considerations and has special needs. For example suPHP which was considered the highest level of security (it should be noted that selecting fix permissions and ownership). Or maybe mod_php ruid considered his highest compatibility. Or maybe there is another consideration.

How to establish Kloxo-MR configuration
The first thing to note that the choice of the configuration MR Koxo is possible to walk if the set-up for at least one complete website with mysql database and for setting dns template. Sometimes when you first select the configuration can not directly run perfectly. For example, httpd service does not appear when choose Apache or nginx-proxy as a web server, you can move the first choice of php and web server, and then returned to your original choice. Check it services color light in Kloxo-MR menu. and ssh command "service httpd restart"

<<<need correction or replacement>>>
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Re: Introduction Kloxo-MR For Beginner
« Reply #1 on: 2013-02-20, 13:08:24 »
good work.
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Re: [INTRO] Introduction Kloxo-MR For Beginner
« Reply #2 on: 2014-01-06, 15:45:41 »
I just installed kloxo, kloxo mr and i have some questions.. maybe you should create some tutorials how to setup dns over solus vps panel?


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