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Author Topic: You cannot connect to the default Kloxo-MR homepage  (Read 21247 times)

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Offline zvin

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Hello to all who can help me

I installed the Kloxo-MR management panel on a virtual machine sitting on Exsi.

The installed version is 7 in CentOs7 operating system.

All steps went through successfully.

To enter the management panel at ports 7777/7778 I have no problem and I can get in.
I have set up a admin password + TEMP DNS and all that is needed.

My problem is that when I write in the address bar the server IP address (currently I do not have a domain name attached) I get an error message that cannot be connected to this site.
Even after I create a domain I accept "that can't be connected to this site - please check the firewall and the like)

Before installing the system, I would be notified about the Kloxo-MR home page.

After trying, I realized I had a firewall problem.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

By the way, I connected to a system from any other system.

Thanks for the helpers

(Hope I asked understandable)

Offline vuhoang

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Re: You cannot connect to the default Kloxo-MR homepage
« Reply #1 on: 2020-02-20, 08:27:57 »
Hi, please inform this
Code: [Select]
sh /script/sysinfoand this
Code: [Select]
ss -alpn | grep ":80"Regards


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