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Author Topic: mysql password reset failed  (Read 3445 times)

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mysql password reset failed
« on: 2018-04-17, 03:30:17 »
Hello the owner of my databases is mysql so in other word ambit the root user is mysql
I get this message
mysql password reset failed
when creating the user and its original password via kloxo MR 7 then it appears on phpMyAdmin but it shuts me off goodbye brings famous error HY000/1045 that you all know.

First this inadequacy has to be built in from kloxo since it happens even if you designate as root the root user it dont matter,you have to delete the user so it releases apache or lighttpd,so if someone has come up with a smooth way to solve this please provide it clearly,it will be much appreciated ur being lovely here around.

Maybe it needs firewall be off before you assign it since after you reset password it dumps you off so there is either a fast move you have to do before you get the car wheels rolling and rolling,it shure annoys some,maybe bring some dismays.Such life.


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