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Author Topic: Kloxo-MR RAM Optimization  (Read 2386 times)

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Kloxo-MR RAM Optimization
« on: 2013-02-18, 22:20:16 »
Howdy and good day,

I am happy when I am able to make Kloxo-MR running in VPS so great without problem. importing and exporting database is great and fast without any error. After done with data restoration from old kloxo lxcenter to Kloxo-MR, I found out that the consumption of RAM is slightly different, as last time I did tweak on my old kloxo lxcenter. Therefore I was wondering what the best way to optimizing RAM consumption without losing website load performance. Especially when website getting more and more visitor, the consumption of RAM will be huge! I believe that Kloxo-MR able support thousand of visitor without losing so much RAM. I would be thankful and happy if anyone could share any tip & tweak here.

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