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Author Topic: Update DKIM Kloxo  (Read 4225 times)

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Update DKIM Kloxo
« on: 2020-12-09, 09:41:00 »
Hi Mustafa,

I have two questions for you if possible to work on Kloxo regarding DKIM.

1. How to update DKIM RSA-SHA1 to RSA-SHA256, if possible work on kloxo if it's generator?

2. How to import the DKIM Public Certificate on kloxo if I update DKIM on DNS Manager since the DKIM for Email (RSA-SHA1) is outdated so I want to update?

The Emails I received from Kloxo, it goes to my gmail spam, I click original source view, SPF=PASS with IP, DMARC = PASS and DKIM = PASS (Domain With .....com), it's perfect fine but seem it goes to Spam, what would it be an issue?

What I found is that every personal emails, they have updated the DKIM with RSA-SHA256
instead of RSA-SHA1?

I appreciated if you can help me out if possible works.

Thank you.


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