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Author Topic: Formerly installed kloxoMR7 on CEntos7 Lamp 64 bit  (Read 1049 times)

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Hello hello I just installed on my Centos 7 kloxoMR7 and installation came truly smooth without dismays,first I tried on CEntos 6x but it was such a purging thing with tons of turnarounds even with ssl ,so I ended up choosing Centos 7 tough I want it to deploy php stuff from php52,I Dont know if it will make it compatible if I install php52 as well and it might appear on the mix of php pool.
However my main issue with this CEntos 7 is that commands are like not heard and services dont restart,really when people said centos 7 wasnt stable I didnt thaught that bad,actually I have a pc with centos 7 and first it was a nightmare but with tons of care its been able to do anything ,print scan,vids you name it.

Well my main error is
Failed to restart kloxo.service: Unit not found.

please provide support here my  lovely people


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