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Title: Downgrade of kloxoMR7 to kloxoMR
Post by: South on 2018-04-19, 06:20:08
As you might find out there is not such downgrade from kloxo MR7 to kloxo MR just like there is no downgrade from osw centos7 to 6x ,all that there is is some brutal proccedures I found in this forum that first you uninstall all but then maybe the httpd urls dont have the updates of repos needed but stuff just dont get to be there ,on my kloxo MR panel I figured out apache was running and mysql but in some weird way maybe because I already installed mysql 5.0 and php53 but somehow couldnt login to admin,this is to me interesting since when I restart all services is very nice to see that kloxo restarts allright but just that service ,the other services are dumped off,I thaught that in order to see my panel again I would need to install MariaDB server again but yum dont find package ,just maybe deleting all for downgrade I dont think is right proccedure as you insist in this forum since it brings brutal configuration trouble.
I t would be rather come up with a new configuration so services appear back again,but certainly you have ti kill il processes and tons of dirty programming stuff