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Author Topic: backup failed  (Read 1062 times)

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backup failed
« on: 2017-12-16, 14:16:40 »
Where to find log or reason why I can't make backup from one particular client. For all other clients backup is succesfull, without problem.

Code: [Select]
sh /script/backup --class=client --name=XXXXXX
Loading the Entire Database
Setting parent of 'mysqldb-XXXXXX_db' to 'client-XXXXXX'
Setting parent of 'domain-xxxxxxx.comr' to 'client-XXXXXX'
Setting parent of 'mailaccount-info@xxxxxxx.com' to 'mmail-moto-oprema-amd.hr'
Setting parent of 'mailaccount-postmaster@xxxxxxx.com' to 'mmail-xxxxxxx.com'
Setting parent of 'addondomain-moto-oprema-amd.com' to 'domain-xxxxxxx.com'
Setting parent of 'ftpuser-xxxxxxx.com' to 'client-XXXXXX'
Saving serialized
Saving serialized second
Taking backup of 'client:XXXXXX'
Failed for taking backup of 'client:XXXXXX'

There is no additional info, backup is finished and uploaded to FTP, but there is only two files inside archive:

Help me to find more info, I try to repair and optimize all database, the same thing.
I try to manually compress on server whole folder of this user, also succesfull.
There is plenty disk storage so also no problem here.

Any other ideas?
Thank you.


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