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Title: Kloxo-MR version model
Post by: MRatWork on 2013-01-30, 00:34:17
Kloxo-MR have standard for version model.

We can see 'kloxo-mr-6.5.0.c.2013012803' where:

1. kloxo-mr as product name
2. 6.5.0 - major.minor.release
3. c - where a = alpha, b = beta, c = candidate and f = final
4. 20132803 - year-month-date-step

Above version model importance and match to rpm version model.

For example, we will have 'kloxo-mr-6.5.1.f.2013031501.noarch.rpm' (only example) as rpm packages and for install just enough with 'yum install kloxo-mr'.