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Author Topic: Kloxo Mr 7 Update/Upgrade  (Read 9544 times)

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Kloxo Mr 7 Update/Upgrade
« on: 2020-04-17, 19:15:42 »
Dear Mr Mustafa,
As of now, everything already upgraded like centos, PHP, MariaDb, cURL, Varnish, Nginx and etc regarding running a full fledged server. But Still after a lot of time you are not supporting a updated or upgraded version of Kloxo-Mr. We are hugry for your efforts to upgrade this kloxo-Mr. We love Kloxo-Mr and don't want to go for any other. So, Please let us know that any upgraded version of Kloxo-Mr is coming or not. One more thing we all are ready to pay you donations as per your requirement. So Please...

Tarun Kumar


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