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Author Topic: Kloxong 0.1.3-2 for centos 7  (Read 5612 times)

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Kloxong 0.1.3-2 for centos 7
« on: 2022-04-14, 07:36:26 »
KloxoNG version 0.1.3-2 has been released . It is a Kloxo-MR replacement for Centos 7.

The Kloxo-mr installer was broken last time I looked but you can upgrade to KloxoNG .

KloxoNG fixes many bugs in Kloxo-MR and provides PHP, MariaDB, Apache and Hiawatha version upgrades.

Use the installation instructions at https://github.com/KloxoNGCommunity/kloxong/blob/master/how-to-install.txt

Or just follow these commands

cd /
yum update -y
cd /tmp
rm -f kloxong*
rpm -ivh https://github.com/KloxoNGCommunity/kloxong/raw/initial-rpm/kloxong-release.rpm
cd /
yum clean all
yum update kloxong-* -y
yum install kloxong -y
sh /script/upcp


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