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Author Topic: Secondary/Slave DNS Configuration - permission bug for Bind  (Read 13453 times)

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I tried to configure Secondary/Slave DNS with server setup as described earlier in this forum with Server A and Server B. I am using Bind and configured Server B with Secondary/Slave DNS. The slave zone was created, but no record file from Server A domain was transferred. The /opt/configs/nsd/conf/slave folder was empty. I then checked the log files in /var/log/named and noticed in the xfer-in.log:
22-Jul-2019 xx:xx:xx.xxx transfer of 'Server A domain/IN' from Transfer status: success
So a transfer of file from Server A was indeed taking place.
I then checked general.log file and found:
22-Jul-2019 xx:xx:xx.xxx zone Server A domain/IN: Transfer started.
22-Jul-2019 xx:xx:xx.xxx zone Server A domain/IN: transferred serial 2019072221
22-Jul-2019 xx:xx:xx.xxx dumping master file: slave/tmp-0aB4ER7niE: open: permission denied
The /opt/configs/nsd/conf/slave folder that named server will save the file in was 755 root/root, so i guessed that this was reason for permission denied for named. I then changed the permission of this folder to 777 just to test, and shortly after I could see the the record file from Server A domain in the slave folder.
It worked. I will now make the slave folder writable for named.
So, @Mustafa, if my observations are valid you should fix the the permissions for next release.

Best regards

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Re: Secondary/Slave DNS Configuration - permission bug for Bind
« Reply #1 on: 2019-07-23, 20:25:31 »
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