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Author Topic: FastCGI neither POLLIN nor POLLOUT  (Read 6135 times)

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Re: FastCGI neither POLLIN nor POLLOUT
« Reply #15 on: 2016-12-28, 12:56:02 »
Kalau semuanya isinya adalah error tersebut maka semestinya ditelusuri. Semestinya ini tidak terkait dengan 'internal server error' tapi lebih kepada code php yang menyebabkannya. Jika tentunya tidak diserang DDOS.
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Re: FastCGI neither POLLIN nor POLLOUT
« Reply #16 on: 2018-02-23, 14:21:57 »
I think I am facing the same issue.

Code: [Select]
[fastcgi:error] [pid 437] [mod_fastcgi.c(2241):] [FastCGI: neither POLLIN nor POLLOUT...]
That's Apache error log. A bunch of the same errors. I don't read Indonesian language so I have no idea if you found a solution. If you did please share in English.

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Re: FastCGI neither POLLIN nor POLLOUT
« Reply #17 on: 2018-02-25, 23:28:45 »
Google Translate works: The text from MR reads:

If everything is the error then it should be traced. This should not be related to 'internal server error' but rather to the php code that causes it. If certainly not attacked DDOS.


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