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Author Topic: How To Download SolusVM Backup File?  (Read 13758 times)

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Offline henry

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How To Download SolusVM Backup File?
« on: 2014-02-06, 06:35:38 »
I requested the VPS provider to add the "quickbackup" into my SolusVM panel.

I created the backup successfully.
However, their support said that the backup files is resided in the panelbackup in VPS.
How do I go about download the backup files and where does the backup files actually located?

Is it going through by FTP, SSH or KloxoMr panel?
Please show us the easier way.

Thank you

Offline chrisf

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Re: How To Download SolusVM Backup File?
« Reply #1 on: 2014-02-06, 06:44:44 »
This is not a KloxoMR question.  This should be moved to Linux help.
The solusVM quick backup essentially creates an archive of your entire OS.  It can be found in your vps in the '/panelbackup' directory.  Since this file will be quite large, 500 MB on the small side, FTP or SFTP would be the wise choice for download.

Normally to restore from this you have to contact your provider.

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