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Author Topic: Why is my Yahoo mail not working?  (Read 82 times)

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Why is my Yahoo mail not working?
« on: 2022-06-29, 08:52:29 »
Are you missing important emails on your Yahoo account because it is not working? And wondering about Why is my Yahoo mail not working? There are so many reasons for it. If you want to know how to fix this problem and what was the reason behind your account not working. Then do not skip this page; you will get all the essential information here.

The reason behind your yahoo account not working and how to fix it

There can be many reasons for your yahoo account not working correctly. Don't worry; you can fix it; all you have to do is go through the points below:

Your spam folder is overloaded: there are times when you receive a lot of spam mail, and it makes your mailbox stop working or not working correctly, so it is advised to delete your spam mail to clear all the junk mail.

Yahoo application is not updated: if you are using the application yahoo on your mobile phone, then please check whether your application is updated or not. Yes, not, then update it.

Webbrowser is not updated: are you using your yahoo account on your laptop or personal computer in any webbrowser? If it is not updated, then update the web browser to its latest erosion ad, then sign in to your account again.

Clear cache:
it is advised to clear all the cache of yahoo from your device.

Alternative troubleshooting ways

Try to log in and log out of your account.
Use the different platforms for your account
Wait for a while and then open yahoo.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you and your doubts about Why is my Yahoo mail not working? Is cleared. Still, if your yahoo is not working, contact customer support for help.


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