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Author Topic: How to reset Sbcglobal Password  (Read 344 times)

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How to reset Sbcglobal Password
« on: 2021-07-19, 08:08:05 »
It always happens while creating a password, we try to choose the stronger one and, in most cases, when we use our account after a long time, we realized that we don't remember our password anymore. So, if you also have the same issue, you can reset your SBCGlobal password by using the options below.

Ways of SBCGlobal password reset using 2 methods of the security question & temporary password

SBCGlobal password reset using the security question

1. Open any of the web browsers, go to the SBCglobal find your password page
2. Type your registered email id and the last name, click on the checkbox that reads I am not a robot. Press the continue button
3. Now you will see a new web page opened, where you will get many recovery options. Click on the option I will answer my security question.
4. Now you have to answer the question on the screen, and press the button Continue.
5. Once your answer is verified by SBC, you are required to reset a new password.
6. On the new window opened, create the new password, re-enter it and click on the button Continue.
7. As soon as you get a confirmation that your password has been reset successfully. You can now access your account by using the new password.

SBCGlobal password reset using a temporary password

To reset your SBC account using a temporary password, go through the steps below

1. Visit the page SBCGlobal password page
2. Enter the registered email id and last name
3. Now check the square box that reads I am not a robot and click continue
4. Now, out of the available recovery options, select Temporary password from the drop-down list
5. Click on the tab continue
6. Now in the webpage opened, you have to enter an alternative mail id or phone number, where you can receive the temporary password.
7. Once you receive the password, enter it into the password recovery page opened.
8. Login to SBCGlobal account using the temporary passed
9. Once you log in to your account, it is required to change the password by visiting the account setting option. Make sure to change the password immediately because the temporary password is valid for a short time only.

So, using the above methods, you can reset your SBCGlobal account and access it anytime.


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