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Author Topic: What will Happen If I Miss My Vueling Flight?  (Read 52 times)

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What will Happen If I Miss My Vueling Flight?
« on: 2022-09-29, 08:09:50 »
During travels, missing flights by passengers is a very common occurrence. If you have a flight scheduled and you miss the flight for some personal reasons, the question of what will happen if I miss my Vueling flight? Will arise. You make like to know what your rights as a passenger are if you miss your flight.

If you have missed a flight, there are some remedies you can avail as a passenger.

What to do if you miss your flight?

When you know that you have or will miss your flight owing to some personal or any other reason, the first step to take is to call and inform the Airline about the same. The Airlines will assist you with the process of rebooking or rescheduling the connecting flight you are booked on. You may miss your flight for various reasons, which can be either personal or due to other events like a long check-in queue, or security queue, the reasonable and timely information will help the Airline to book you on the next available flight and also reschedule your booking on the connecting flight if any.


Can you get a rebooking?

Yes, you can get a rebooking on the next flight to your destination, subject to the availability of seats and other conditions. There may be some charges that have to be paid for the rebooking. The charges may include the difference in the fare of the new booking on the next or any other flight on the same day. But rebooking of the ticket is completely subject to availability.

Can you get a refund for missed flights?

If the flight is missed for personal reasons, you cannot claim any refund from the Airline. But if the flight is missed because of the Airline’s fault, like long check-in and security queue, you can ask the Airline for compensation.


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