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Author Topic: How do I get a human at Google?  (Read 262 times)

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How do I get a human at Google?
« on: 2021-07-21, 08:32:58 »
If you are looking for Google try their Google Customer Service number. When you call them an automated voice will come up and you need to follow that and choose the correct option. There is a good support service available with Google. For general issues they have a lot of support pages. However, you might need some help and speak to a representative if you like.

To answer your question how do I get a human at Google we have jotted down some steps for you. There are many categories to choose from when you call them up. Please follow the following to choose the right option:


1.       Apps, music, and downloads (Play Store)

2.       Regarding hardware

3.       Regarding any recent order you made through Google Pay

4.       Any pre order questions regarding products you would like to purchase from Play Store

5.       If you don’t find the option here then there are more options to choose from

The above options will come up when you call them on the automated voice. There is another set of options. If you continue then the following are the options in the next step:

1.       If you have a Google Nest choose this option

2.       If you are facing problems signing in

3.       You can go back to the previous menu from here

4.       If you are not sure then this is the option that will take you a live call at Google

If you like you can chat with or email them as well. If you have an issue regarding Adwords then you can try another Google Customer Service number. However, you need to be eligible in terms of a certain amount of revenue in order to contact them via chat or email. You can select Contact Us from the top right corner of your Google Page. But if you don’t find the link then you may not be eligible to contact them as per their amount revenue condition goes.

Hope this post helps you to contact Google and speak to a representative.


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