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Author Topic: How to Manage Flight Through Iberia Airlines Booking Number?  (Read 4252 times)

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Iberia Airlines provides easy flight booking procedures to customers. There are many incidents in which ticket holders want to make changes to the reservation post-purchase. Iberia enables customers to make desired changes online by using the option of “manage booking.” If you have purchased tickets recently and you wish to upgrade your traveling class, then you can follow the online process, which consists of some straightforward steps and end the procedure. Customers must possess a booking number to make any changes to their reservations. There are many ticket holders who are not aware of the process; if you are also one among them, then you must read the details given below and continue.

The online process to manage your Iberia Airlines flights:

Customers are required to follow the online steps mentioned below if they wish to manage their bookings online:

Go to the website of Iberia Airlines.

They can also use the Iberia mobile application to use this feature.

Now they must tap on the “manage your bookings” option.

To find their ticket, it is important that they enter the passenger's last name and booking code/number.

You can also login into your Iberia Airlines account using your Google or Facebook account.

Once you get your tickets, you can make desired modifications to your already booked tickets.

Save changes.

After confirming your changes, you will get a message from the airlines about the modifications you made to your tickets.

What can be done using Iberia Airlines manage booking options?

Iberia Airlines provides important facilities to the customers to make amendments to their already booked tickets using the “manage booking” option. They can also add additional services to their bookings using this alternative. Customers must have Iberia Airlines Booking Number in order to make amendments. The following changes can be made by customers through Iberia manage booking:

They can make name changes to their tickets.

If they want, they can reschedule or even cancel their reservations.

They can select seats.

They can upgrade their traveling classes.

They can add additional luggage.

Check-in can be done via the “manage booking” option.

If any customer wants to request a refund or claim compensation, then he can use this alternative.

They can request special assistance.

They can add desired meals.

What is another alternative to make flight changes if only “manage booking” is not available?

There are many cases in which customers cannot make the desired changes to their flights due to the not working of the Iberia Airlines website. In that case, they have the alternative to reach customer care services and request them to make desired changes. To call Iberia Airlines, customers must follow the sequential steps given below and proceed:

Start the process by dialing the official Iberia Airlines phone number uk: (+44) (020) 36 843 774.

As the calls are attended by an automated voice, therefore callers must listen to the guided instructions and continue as instructed.

Finally, after obeying all the instructions, the call will be forwarded to the corresponding Iberia Airlines live representative.

Callers can discuss problems they are facing with Iberia tickets and request them to make desired changes.

The airline representative will make the changes and will send a notification about the same.

Conclusion: By referring to the curated information given in the above section, customers must have received details on how to make changes to their tickets using the booking number. Though the online “manage booking” procedure is recommended, customers can also reach customer care services if the former option is unavailable. 


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