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Author Topic: How to recover Facebook account  (Read 85 times)

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How to recover Facebook account
« on: 2021-03-31, 09:46:12 »
Step by Step guide on How to recover Facebook account
Facebook, a platform which connects everyone via just a mere server is known for its services. Whether it be old friends, your relatives or your long lost partner. You can connect with anyone who is sitting at the other side of the world with just a mere click or a connection. You can have the transaction of photos, videos, posts and can also connect via a phone call or video call with the help of Facebook.
But with the growing people on the platform of Facebook, the hackers keep their eyes like hawks on your account, figuring out new ways to hack your account and breach your privacy. But no worries, Facebook has created measures for situations like these as well, if you want to follow the Facebook account recovery follow the below mentioned steps-

1. If you have a device on which your account is already working.
2. Open your account from that page.
3. Visit the profile of the account.
4. Just beneath the cover photo section, you'll find an option of three dot menu, click on that.
5. On the following page, you'll find list of options.
6. Select the option Report profile or Find support.
7. Choose the option Something else and then proceed by clicking on next.
8. Click on the option of Recover your account.
9. Once you do, it will open the page of Find your account.
1. On the following page, input your mobile number which was once associated with your account.
11. A list of profiles will be shown, locate your account and click on that.
12. Follow the recovery steps to your account.
13 Make sure that you do the recovery from a desktop PC or a mobile phone which you used earlier to login to your account.
14. In the last, set a hard password consisting of Uppercase, Lowercase and Special characters.
15. Following, set the option of log me out of all devices.

Then, close the page and login to your account.
Call for more help +1-820-333-4156 With the help of the above mentioned steps one can easily do Facebook account recovery in a hassle free manner.


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