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Author Topic: How to recover Aol account When You Can't Log In  (Read 2548 times)

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How to recover Aol account When You Can't Log In
« on: 2021-02-05, 12:03:59 »
If you ever end up forgetting the password of the AOLA account or even the username then all you have to do is take the help of the account recovery methods. AOL account password can easily be recovered only if you have a backup to the AOL recovery mediums. For more details, tap below.

Ways to recover the AOL account password

AOL Account recovery can be made with the help of two methods and then you can easily recover the lost password or username. You can take the help of either of the methods and then reset the password.

Using the recovery phone number

1. If you use the method of the phone number then go to the sign-in page of the AOL Account first.
2. Now on the sign-in page, tap on the link of forgot password and move ahead.
3. Now enter the username of the account with which you log in and then choose the account recovery phone number.
4. Once done, you will receive one account recovery code on the text and then move ahead.
5. Enter the code that you received and then tap on the submit option. Once it's accepted, set a new password and then re-enter the password to confirm.

Using alternative email medium

1. Suppose if you want to use the method of alternative email then repeat the same steps and then open the sign-in page.
2. Now on the sign-in page and then tap on the option of forgot password and then enter the username with which you log in to the account.
3. After this, pick the option of email after which you will receive one recovery code through email.
4. Now enter that code in the security box and then set one new password. Re-enter the password to confirm and you will be done.

With the help of the following methods, you can easily make the AOL Account recovery.

Things to keep in mind while recovering the password

1. If you have recently changed the password of AOL then first of all note down the password anywhere so that you don't lose it.
2. Try not to share the password with anyone or else you might lose it to any hacker.
3. Keep changing the password of the AOL Account to update the security settings.
4. Try not to repeat the already used password as people might guess it. And you are done!

For More Info:https://www.helpquicky.com/blog/AOL-Account-Recovery


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