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Author Topic: How to get Air Canada last-minute deals?  (Read 441 times)

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How to get Air Canada last-minute deals?
« on: 2023-03-22, 12:03:15 »
If you are facing an emergency and want to make a flight reservation with Air Canada at the last minute, you must know that the ticket prices are quite high during the last moment. However, you can also use Air Canada last minute deals to book the flight at a discounted price to your desired location. To learn some tricks to get deals, read the information below.

Tricks to get last-minute deals on Air Canada

If you want to book a flight at the last minute, then here are some tricks that you can use to get some deals that will make the price lower:

Use Aeroplan Miles - You can use your miles points to get a lower price. If you have the membership of Aeroplan program, then you will have miles points which you can apply at the time of booking and avail of many benefits.

Connect with customer service - Contact customer service as they will quickly provide you with all the details about the upcoming flights. They will also help you in recommending the best flight, and you can ask them about any ongoing offers.

Apply Vouchers and coupons - To get a discounted price at the last minute, and you can apply vouchers and coupons to your ticket. The airlines have many vouchers and coupons through which you can get many benefits and apply for them at the time of payment.

Search through Incognito mode - Try using the incognito mode, as the airline might have increased the price at the last minute. Through Incognito mode, you can see the current price of the ticket.

If you have read the given information, then you must have an idea about the deals you can get when you book a flight at the last minute. For any help, connect with the customer service representative, who will assist you with the problem.


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