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Author Topic: Google Account Recovery with https //g.co/recover for help  (Read 429 times)

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Learn about Google account recovery

Google is a tech-service providing company based out of the United States of America. It is having billions of active users around the world. It provides various services to make day-to-day life easier at the office or even at the home. Google has a wide variety of services like communication, storage, operating systems, photo editing, a wide range of software and devices too.

To make the services more customizable according to the user's need, a user needs to have an account with google. With the account, google can customize the application according to the usage and store the sessions on the application as well.

One can easily create an account with Google, it can be done easily by following the steps prompted by google itself. Although, there are times when a user might not be able to access the account. It may be due to the wrong password which a user might have forgotten or any other reason. You might be wondering about the steps to be followed for  Google account recovery.

Luckily, Google provides easy-to-follow steps to reset the account password and get back access.

- Go to google's recovery page by opening browser and visiting the official support and recovery website
- It asks for your email, provide that. If you don't remember your email then you can select the "find your username" option to get your email address.
- Google will prompt to select one of your secondary accounts, these are the account that Google might have asked you when you created an account with them.
- Select one of the options, either email or the phone number. Make sure you have an access to them.
- Google will send a verification link to the secondary account. This may take some time, as it depends on the network you are using or the environment you are in.
- Provide the verification code and set the new password after code verification.

Now, you can easily access your account with the newly created password. This is all you need to know about Google Account Recovery with https //g.co/recover for help. Follow these steps the next time you need help.


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