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Author Topic: How much is change fee for Frontier? (+1..866..452..2691)  (Read 61 times)

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How much is change fee for Frontier? (+1..866..452..2691)
Altering a standard flight ticket with Frontier Airlines comes with varying fees based on when the change is made. If you modify your flight 60 or more days before departure, there is no charge for any passenger. However, if you change your flight between 59 to 7 days before departure, a fee of USD 49 applies. For changes made within 6 days up to the day of departure, the fee increases to USD 99. In more context read below:

How can I change my flight without paying a fee?

To change your flight without incurring a fee, the most straightforward method is to make the change within 24 hours of your original booking, provided that your flight's departure is at least a week away. This policy is standard across many airlines, offering a grace period for passengers to modify their itineraries without penalties. If you miss this window, another strategy is to monitor any changes the airline might make to your flight, such as alterations to the departure time or the aircraft. If the airline initiates a significant change, they often provide the option to change or cancel your booking without a fee, as these alterations may impact your travel plans.

Frontier Airlines' change fee structure is designed to offer flexibility while also encouraging passengers to make their changes well in advance of their departure date. Here's a breakdown of Frontier's change fees based on the timing of your change request:

60 or More Days Prior to Departure: There is no change fee for all passengers. This policy allows travelers to adjust their plans without a financial penalty if they do so with ample time before their flight.

59 to 7 Days Prior to Departure: If you need to make a change between 59 and 7 days before your flight, a fee of USD 49 will be applied. This moderate fee encourages passengers to finalize their travel plans as their departure date approaches.

6 to 0 Days Prior to Departure: Changes made within a week of your flight are subject to a higher fee of USD 99. This increased fee reflects the limited flexibility and higher demand for adjustments as the flight date nears.

These fees apply to standard flight tickets and can vary based on the fare type purchased. It's always recommended to review the specific terms associated with your ticket and consider any travel insurance or flexible fare options that might offer more leniency for changes.


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