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Author Topic: How do I get a live person at Verizon?  (Read 680 times)

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How do I get a live person at Verizon?
« on: 2021-07-21, 14:26:45 »
Verizon is a telecommunication company that has been helping the world with its wireless products and is known for its reliability and great services. If you use its products and facing some issues in that, you can easily contact the customer services of Verizon with the help of this article

How do I get a live person at Verizon by different methods?

There are several ways through which you can reach Verizon and seek help. The methods are given below:

Phone call: If you want to speak to a live person at Verizon, you can follow these steps:

1. Move to the official website of Verizon
2. Scroll down to find the Support button at the bottom
3. Click on the Contact us button from the dropdown menu
4. You need to select the area where you want the assistance
5. You will find the numbers related to your problem once you select the issue
6. You can dial the number and press 0 when the call is connected
7. Provide the PID you set on the Verizon

Verizon Live chat: If you are not able to reach the live person on a call or you have been on hold for a long time, you can select the live chat option from the given steps:

1. Locate the support button on the official website of Verizon
2. Find the contact us page and click on it
3. You will get three options when you have to click on Chat with us
4. You will find a message box n your screen
5. Drop a message and choose our query
6. If the issue is not resolved, you can speak with the live person on chat.

Facebook: You can also choose the Facebook messenger option to chat with the live person on messenger. You just need to click o the messenger icon and log in to your Facebook account. You will be able to see the Facebook page where you can message them.

Twitter: You can also choose the Twitter option to get quick attention. You will find the twitter option on the homepage of Verizon where you can tag the Twitter handle of Verizon and post your problem or you can directly message them.

So, these were the ways through which you can find the answer to How do I get a live person at Verizon?.  You can also take assistance from YouTube videos related to any technical problems.


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